Monday, November 3, 2014

Do I really need anything else to obsess over?

So, I went and became obsessed with yet another organizational "tool". It's big. It's expensive. But it's soooo worth it. Or so I'm told. Mine isn't even here yet! -insert 'are you crazy' face-

Erin Condren Life Planners.

Yes, a planner.
I really try at the end of every year to find a planner for the next year that doesn't suck as bad as the year before. But none of them ever have enough SPACE. Well, enough space and still manage to fit in my purse. So, I found these amazing pieces of organizational heaven and wasted no time.

Once I sat down to research a little more, I realized there is a never ending stream of youtube videos, pinterest tutorials/examples, and ways to use your EC planner. I knew I wanted to utilize mine as a way to keep track of my weight loss progress for 2015. So I spent a little bit of down time that I had to make something to put into the back of my planner to serve as a diary and reminder at the same time. 

I took the images I put together to Office Depot and had them laminated in 5 mm. Cost me...barely $5 for both sheets? You can't beat it. I will use stickers on the jars to represent the pounds I want to lose, and hopefully continue to move them over week by week!

For the second sheet, I will just use permanent marker to write down my current weight each Monday.

The bottom sheet, I actually will turn into a sticker. The sticker will go right in my Monday slot of my weekly spread in my planner. I have a horrible memory and honestly forget to do what I need to, even something that I will be doing every Monday. So the sticker will help, not only remind me to take my stats, but to be able to see week by week how they have hopefully changed!

Have you thought about owning your own Erin Condren planner? I was so iffy about it, but even without it being here (I looked through a LOT of examples!) I'm in love. Use the referral code to sign up and you'll get an email for $10 off your first order!

I can't wait to share my new obsession with the rest of you :)

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pardon my dust!

I'm in the process of redoing the blog. But I'm not fancy enough to pay someone to do it for me. So it may take a while, but I will figure it out eventually! So just ignore all the random things in places that they probably don't belong :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dear Chevron...

It's done! 

I wish I could say that I loved doing it. I wish I could say it was easy. But, nothing that looks good is ever really easy, is it?

Our new house, thankfully, had room for my "office". I've been in desperate need for a space close to where the kids play so I wasn't spending every night after bedtime in a panic because I didn't have enough time to finish something. I really am not a fan of staying up until 2am trying to finish orders every night. 

Can I say how awesome the paint colors are? The whole thing worked out eerily well. I went to Lowe's that day, and started picking out swatches so I could decide what color I wanted. I had decided on these two colors, and two pretty similar colors. We went to leave, and there on the clearance rack sat two gallons of paint. Not just any paint. Two gallons that matched the paint swatches that I had just picked out 30 seconds ago. And not cheap paint either. $38 a gallon paint. The best of the best. And they were marked down to $5 each.  I called my mom, my best friend, and my husband (who obviously didn't care), just in disbelief about saving over $50 on paint. 

I sat here looking at the wall for a while, trying to figure out measurements. I'm not bad at math by any means, but the more I looked at it, the more confused I made myself. So, I did what any smart person would do and I asked my math wiz husband to do it for me ;)

After explaining it to me, I ended up with this.

The wall is 78 inches wide, and 105 inches tall. So we divided by numbers that gave us even numbers. I wanted 5 "points" horizontally, so in actuality, I had to divide by 6. I had to add an extra number to make sure my points were centered instead of ending on the wall. Then I divided 105 by 15, and w were ready to go!

Now, I imagine there might be an easier way to do this. It was certainly time consuming. But with my OCD, it made the most sense to me and it made sure that every measurement was close to exactly right. Which I knew I would have a fit about if it wasn't. 
We took yarn and ran it up and across at every measurement, and used a push pin to keep it in. Then I would make a dot with a pencil where each piece of yarn intersected. Then I just took each piece down as I finished a row. It seemed like a lot of work just to make some dots, but I am SO glad that I did. It made it VERY easy and well worth the time and effort.

After taping! 
I used the dots to mark with each strip of tape. I did the inside of where the blue stripes would stay so that I didn't have to retape anything. 

There is only one thing I wish I would've done differently. I would've done a coat of the blue paint where the gray stripes were. I did have some gray paint leak through, and did have a few touchups to do. Doing a coat of blue first would've taken about the same time, but I would've been happier when I took the tape off. Most of the mistakes aren't noticeable unless you took the time to stare at the wall for imperfections, but OCD makes me do that.

Overall, I'm absolutely in love with it. The dresser I redid sits opposite of it, and I just love this room. It still needs a few personal touches, but I'm thrilled! Have any questions? Please ask!