Friday, December 13, 2013

Obsession? I say appreciation.

Ask my friends, family, husband. Chevron has been my obsession for a while. I know that the very bold pattern doesn't match everything, but darn if I don't try. I found one of very few yard sales that you find around here and found this little belongs-in-the-90s shelf.

Totally 90's right? Anyway, when I find something even close to storage, I buy it. Normal storage pieces from the store cost way more than they should, and I'm a glutton for punishment as far as DIY is concerned. So, I bought my typical Rustoleum Paint+Primer and went to work.
I used a matte gray first and painted the whole thing. Then I wrapped some newspaper around the sides as close to the edge as possible so I didn't need to tape it down other than around the back to hold it together.
Then of course, the chevron stencil. I cut the stencil out of contact paper by using my Silhouette but it wouldn't be too difficult to make your own. I pressed it over the sides so it held my newspaper down.
I love this gray and blue combo. It's one of my new favorites.
Off topic, you can see I have a thing for Indie books. You really should too! This will eventually hold craft stuff but for now, it serves its purpose as my bookshelf.